In school we are doing a Mecbeth play.Mr.Dawson teached us about making movies, carmra shots, acting ,etc, etc.Now Im going to tell you what I learned…



Under shot, to make someone or something look scary.

Over shot,to make someone or something look sad or hope less.

Sholder shot, to make it look like people are talking to each other.

Close up shot, to show how they are feeling if they are sad a close up shot would show their tears.

Long shot, to show everything a shot from far away.


It’s hard to learn all your lines so Mr Dawson came up with a easy way if you forget…He got someone to hold the notes up at te carmra.(WoW)

Make Up

I wasn’t doing make up so i cant answer this sorry.

Green Screen

The hard it with a green screen is that u can only get that for a backround and its hard.

I learned loads more about making movies etc etc but there is so much I can’t write it all down. bye!