Who were the Ancient Greeks?

|Ancient Greeks are well, Ancient.Before I fully start let me just say Greece is not like this anymore.

Ancient Greece were split up into states. The two main states were Sparta and Athens.
In Sparta, there was no education only training for battles. However in Athens there was education, reading, writing,English,art,etc.Athens was a good place for education unlike Sparta. Spartan women were important but in Athens women usually didn’t leave their house. In Sparta a boy started training being only 7 years old!!!!! In Athens a boy got a choice, you could train to be a soldier or have a normal job.Sparta is not a nice place.If I lived in Ancient Greece I would love to live in Athens

Thats all I have to say about Ancient Greece.

By Evan.


City States Athens and Sparta

Sparta was a very powerful state and had a very good army.  They had to learned how to fight at that the age off seven and retired at sixty.  In school if they were bold they were a perfect soldier and if they wanted to see who was the strongest they would get whipped forty  times. Some where whipped to death.The soldiers had to run with seventy kg. Athens was posher then Sparta. They learned all the subjects we learn today also Athens  was very rich. The women were not allowed to go out of the but Spartan women taught there children how to fight. The Athens liked to try sell some of their slaves to Sparta but Sparta said no so they used their slaves to grow all of their crops and farm the land. All Spartan’s cared about was fighting.


The Greeks liked  simple,loose clothes that kept them cool.Women always wore long tunics called chitons.Rich women had earrings made of gold.Men wore long or short tunics,often with a cloak.Many Greek men had beards.It was fashionable to keep them neatly trimmed.By the 4th century bc many aristocratic women in Athens were using makeup.Womens robes were simple rectangles made to a standard length and were folded and pinned together,leaving holes for the head and arms.They girdled the robe so that it fell in flowing folds and pouches.A woman could arrange her robe to make a cowl to draw up over her head(appropriate dress for a funeral)or manipulate the material to a double fold at the front which she could use to cover her hands.For most Greek women the materials available to them were wool and plain linen which might be striped and were sometimes fringed-favourite colours were saffron and red.By the 5th century bc, men wore signet rings ,but otherwise they had abandoned such adornments as the grasshopper brooches sported by the warriors who fought in the persian wars.Some groovy greek girls ran about naked pretending to be bears!Both men and women usually went barefoot within the house,but wore ankle boots of felt or leather outside.While getting dressed a women sits naked on a cushion as she pulls on her sandals.A scarf keeps her hair in place.Men wore wide brimmed hats when they were travellingand peasants and lower-class city dwellers sometimes wore plain felt or woollen bonnets.Women might wear a cap or a veil or a narrow sweatband.Women by contrast,wore an abundance of jewellery including necklaces,which sometimes had amulets hanging from them and bands of gold or silver with oramental clasps on their wrists and upper arms.Sometimes,the bracelets took the form of a snake curled around itself and were very beautiful indeed.Blond hair was prized by both men and women.Women plaited their hair or wore it up using a net or ribbon to hold it in place.

By Sorcha and Katiew


Greek education was very differnt to our present day education.For excample in Athens boys were taught at d until they were around six years old.

At three children were given small jugs- a sign that babyhood was over.Boys went to school at age seven. Girls were taught at home by their mothers.A few girls learned to read and write , but many did not. School-teachers needed payment so poor boys did not get alot of education.Most Greek schools had fewer than twenty boys and classes were often held outdoors.

Philosophy and Education {Continued.}

Athens wasimest a city of learning and it was home  to famous philosophers like Socrates and Plato.In fact they invented the modern philosophy


Aristotle was one of Platos students.He was a member of the Greek aristocracy.He founded the Lyceum which taught a wide range of subjects.Aristotle studied as many subjects as he could.He found out lots of information about subjects such as atonamy (study of the body) , geology,physics,goverment,theoSevere, like Apollo, October 2012 Stelios ZACHARIAS via Compfightlogy and Zoology.




Socrates developed the ”socratic method”which was a series of questions aimed at finding out other peoples beliefs and knowledge. He left nothing written down but is famous for saying the following

”  I am wise I know I know nothing.                                                    





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Plato was born in Athens and was well educated .He was Socrates best student and went on to set uponeof the first schools,called ,Academy and taught there.He studied children and how their upbringing versus what they inherit from there parents affected them.This debate is still going on today.

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Hippocrates is known as the Father of Western Medicine.He wrote alot of books about medicine and the body.He beleived that desease came from natural causes even though at the time people believed that it came from evil spirits.Today doctors take the Hippocratic oath which is a promise that they will treat patients ethically.




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Greek Sports and Pastimes

they were not even allowed to watch. The olympics started in Olympia, in Ancient Greece. They were made up of many sports, that still exist today.

At the Ancient Olympics they wrestled, they hurled a discus as far as they could, they competed in the long jump and another popular sport was racing on chariots pulled along by horses. The modern olympics are held all over the world, but only the best athletes take part in the sports, and now women can take part in everything too. The racing on foot would of  been up to 190 metres or the length of the stadium. A second race would be twice the length of the first race, but this was on ly added in the 14th Olympics, and still longer races were added in the 15th Olympics, 4 years later, the Olympics are only on every 4 years. But new events were added after 5 days meeting. There were even a junior Olympics for kids.


Some greeks prayed to gods and goddesses. Zeus was king of all gods he married Hera the beautiful goddess. Athene was Zeus daughter. She was the strict,wise goddess of war. Zeus’s brother Poseidon , ruled the sea. He lived in a under water palace. Hades was king of the underworld, where all dead people were taken. Artemis is the goddess of hunting. She lived in the forest and hunted animals with arrows.Gods and goddesses  were very inportant to the greeks. In temples, prayed to statues of gods for help. They also brought presents to make the gods and goddesses happy. There were festivals for gods and goddesses with music,dacing and sports. Priestesses gave people messages from gods and goddesses. There was a temple in Athens where people came to worship Athene and Posiedon. The Greeks also had another festival fot Athene that lasted for six days. Some people believed that if Zeus was mad at someone he would hurle lighting at that person. by Heather and Ruby 🙂

The Hoplites
The Greek Hoplites were very scary men. Here are some details on what they wore ….

The helmet: Above their helmet they would usually have some felt in a mohawk shape to frighten off their enemies.

The armour: Wealthy warriors would often have iron or even bronze aurmor. Less fortunate soldiers would have less reliable materials.

The Shin Gaurds: The shin gaurds were there to protect their legs from getting injured during battle.

The sheild: The sheild would be very large, in fact it would usually go from your shoulder down to your knee. A lot of them together would be very powerful.

The spear: The soldiers’s main weapon would be the spear. With a sharp sword-like weapon on both sides, this one would be hard to beat!

By Katie R

Battle of marathon


The Battle of Marathon was started by the Persians and their king Daryuss the 2nd, they decided to attack Marathon.  As soon as Athens heard about this attack they got worried and they gathered 10,ooo troops to face king Daryuss and his 20,000 troop army. Athens rushed off to face the Persians in a battle that would be brutal and bloody.  When the Persians got off their huge boats they saw the Athenian army lined up in their new formation which was  3 rows in the middle grouped with 3 men behind the front men and their normal formation the Phalanx at the two sides rowed with 8  men on each side of the Phalanx  and 24 men in the middle.

And off they were in battle, archers were shooting over at the Athenian army but general Militades was ready for this when the Persian armies archers were pulling there strings back on there bows the Athenian army would run so the archers would have no time to reload because the Athenians would be right up in there face.  So as soon as the fighting started the Persians were beating the Athenian front line up, so the Phalanxes on each side decided to crowd the Persian army so that they now would be in control.  So when the battle was won by the Athenians because  the Persians went back to their Persian Empire.  Meanwhile king Daryuss and the rest of his men were only a couple of hours away from the Greek capital Athens, so general Militades and the rest of his men had to go and run 22 miles to Athens they sent a messenger to run as fast as he could to tell the news about the battle.  Then the Athenian army was first to Athens and as soon as the Persians got to Athens they saw the other army and decided to turn back and sail another long journey home.

Well that is that about the Battle of Marathon, watch the video underneath to learn more.

By Cormac and Liam


1 : EXTRAORDINARY EFFORTS : It took much, much effort to build these amazing buildings, but today we will focus on the temples.

The temples in Greece  were unbelievable to whom looked at them. They stunned the human eye  and made itself a tourist attraction. There were no types of machinary that we have today, all they had was their bare hands, stone, hammers and chisles. So before you complain about how long a building takes to build, just think of how long it would of taken just to built the temple !

2 : AWESOME DESIGNS : There are three parts of the temple we need to talk about, First, one of the biggest dicisions… Columns. Columns are very important on a building, and there are three types of columns :

Doric : This type of columns is bland with only little design. RATING :   3/10

Ionic : This one has a bit more design on it but is still a little bland. RATING :    6/10

Corinthion : This one is the best of all, ( my personal favourite ) with loads of effort going into this column and by far the best. RATING   10/10


The metope is this rectangular thing inbetween the columns and the pendiment. ( we’ll get to that later )

This sometimes has carvings on it, even some of the gods, godesses and even famous warriors, you can make your own temple on several websites.

THE PENDIMENT : This is the triangular thing on top of the metope and columns.

This always has statues on it of gods, godesses and warriors.

2 : COOL CREATIONS : On one of the most famous game on Earth…

MINECRAFT. an absolute wonderful game. I built a temple with loads of details and design.

It took me 3 and a half  hours just to build it all.I’m working on a new world and so far it includes :

  • a water fountain house
  • a mud house
  • a animal farm
  • an abandoned town square

and I’m finishing a statue.

It took me  A LOT of effort to finish it.