Finally, we have managed to complete the first week of the Student Blogging challenge, after we got the internet working in our classroom. Here are the results of some of our work.

We had to make our own avatars and use them as our online pressence, on Boogie Bloggers and the Student Challenge. We used, which created some fantastic, animal like avatars. Here is a video of what we made.

Post about Who We are Online
The second activity this week was to talk about who we are online, what makes us different and why we made our avatars the way we did. For example, an element of our avatar might represent an aspect of our online personality. Here are links to great posts some of the pupils did on their learning blogs about who they are online. Please check these posts out:

Erin , Conor, Cormac, Heather, Katie-DJamie, Kaitlin, Katie-Rose, Maithiú, Ruby, Sorcha and Roan.


About Me Page or Post

In the last activity pupils had to write a short ‘About Me’ page or post. We had some wonderful ideas. A few pupils wrote an A-Z piece about themselves and also an interesting facts piece about themselves:

BryanRoan , Louise, Jack, and Evan.


Please feel free to check out the other learning blogs and the work our class has done for the first week of the Blogging Challenge. Our commenting challenge, will take place for week 2.